Hello! It’s Zuma the Dog here. I’m the cute little Jack Russell Terrier with a big heart, here to help guide you through some of the challenges life can throw at us. I’ve lived an extraordinary life and experienced a lot, so perfectly qualified to help. I love to help; I can be very helpful like that.

Zuma's Story

I love adventure, I’ve travelled the world, and met a lot of children. I understand there’s a lot of differences on this amazing planet where we live, learn and love. From my personal life experience, I’ve realised that through understanding diverse cultures we can stand together for fairness, equality, and non-violence, overcome difficulties, and thrive from new experiences. 

The world is a diverse place and I love to embrace those diversities and with my help, you will too.

Have a scratch about my website and sniff up some activities. I can help you discover the world we live in. Check out my books, catch up with my friends and family and goings on with my doggy blog and treat yourself to Zuma the Dog merch. 

As we learn together, we grow together and with all that togetherness we create a future that keeps childhood alive.

Scan, Click, Play!

Fully immerse yourself in The Zumaverse with AR gaming T-Shirts and Hoodies. Scan the logo to play the game. See Zuma come to life with his AR game, Zuma Likes to Dig. Help Zuma find his treasure, take a photo with him and share with friends. It's the best experience with a T-Shirt ever!.

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