Little Zuma Goes Sledging

Winter is over and we had such a blast. Best season ever!


The one thing we were allowed to do during lockdown was ski, snowboard, and sledge. Mummy Zuma the Dog spent at least one day a week on the mountain. She told me it was good for her mentawelf.........or.......something like that anyway. Dunno what an elf would have to do with sking or her mentaw? And I'm pretty sure most elves are more focussed on ramping up toy production for the next festive season in Lap Land by now.


But anyway……. One day she decided to take me, well, the little stuffed version of me for a day in the snow. I've been feeling a little caged in at our teeny cabin in the woods, so I wanted to see at first paw what the fuss was about.


Switzerland has what we (my family) call "Big Sky". It always looks big, wide, clean, and clear, even on cloudy days. We took the gondola up the mountain. Luckily it was a super clear day, just a few fluffy white candy floss clouds in the sky, (I like to wonder what those clouds would taste like if I could grab one and hoover it all up……mmmm yum!). I could see snow as far as the eye could see. Lots of people milling around, crying out with joy as they clip on their skis or strap on their snow boards and speed off down the long snaking piste.


It's so high up. I couldn't help being in awe of the view as the swinging box I’m suspended in dangles from the small wire swayed in the breeze as it ascends to the top. People look ant like from that height. formed in great black lines as they swish swoosh through the powder. I'm sure I would look even smaller, but it was fun to imagine myself actually being this size against ickle biddy teeny hoomans. Like Godzilla.........Ha! No! Dogzilla........ No, Zumazilla, gobbling them up one by one and roaring as I stomp through the snow drifts.


Anyway, just at the top of the gondola is a short tail wiggle to a magic carpet. Not the kind that flies in the sky, but more of a rolling floor, a conveyor belt, of sorts that ferry’s hoomans further to the top of the mountain. A hop up onto the magic carpet took me on another ride where I took in more views of children laughing and playing in the snow. Thankfully I was protected by the clear plastic tunnel enveloping the magic carpet, as it didn't stop my naughty brother Zuma the Dog throwing little ice balls at his friends narrowly missing me as we made our way further up to the tippy top.


We grabbed hold of the sledge we took with us with all paws, then. WHOOSH! The wind blew through my fur, flapping my ears and folding them into all sorts of strange shapes as we slip-slided down the piste on the moulded piece of polished plastic. I held on for dear life and took in a large gulp of that clean, crisp Swiss air as my jowls were pinned back, forcing an expression somewhere between a smile and fear as we sped off, gaining speed as we soared down the slope narrowly missing other thrill seekers on the way.


And just like that, we were at the bottom. The excitement was exhilarating and as I bounced around in circles, I indicated to Mummy Zuma the Dog I wanted to go again, again. AGAIN!


It was so much fun and I am totally hooked and……....If this is what we do to help with that mentawelf, “Bring it on!” I say.


Tell me, what are your techniques for maintaining a good mentawelf? Seems to me it's not difficult to maintain if you continue to have fun, right?


Much Love




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