Zuma and the Jack Pack

  • R$ 33,00

Spoilt, loner surfing Jack Russell, Zuma, is determined to take home the world champion dog surfer title for another year running. During his winning wave, disaster strikes, and Zuma is washed up in an unknown place. Injured, hungry and alone, missing his loving human and unable to recall how he ended up there, Zuma must learn a few lessons in humility and overcome trauma. Taken in by a nearby pack of stray dogs, Zuma realises life is not as easy for every dog as it is for him and soon learns a lesson or two in friendship, love, loss and loyalty. As the story unfolds, Zuma learns more about the pack he lives with, their dark past and what gels them together as a family. He learns about himself and discovers strength within him to survive. Does Zuma have what it takes to conquer this hardship and find his way home? This fictional story is based on a real-life location in Portugal where the real Zuma lived, loved and laughed with his doggy friends. He overcame personal trauma from his early life experiences and even leant to surf and paddle board there.