Little Zuma's Road Trip to England

Our Zuma the Dog household were super optimistic about the summer. We’d been vaccinated and the world was opening up for a small window of opportunity to travel. Flights booked, passports ready and off we were going to jolly well go! Yippee! Time to visit England, see family members that hadn’t been hugged for some time and spend a moment to say goodbye to the family matriarch who was lost to us during the pandemic the year before. Lots to organise and things to do and Eeeewwww! In pops an email no one wants to see.


“Your flight to Gatwick has been cancelled.”


Wuuuuttt?!! What were we all to do? How will we get back now?


Forever the optimist, Mummy Zuma the Dog had it covered. “Let’s drive to England!” She shouted with excitement.


Now, that’s an adventure I can get onboard with. And, of course, it’s too late to organise real me to go so, I send Little Zuma along to document the whole trip for me to share with you.


With prominent position up front in the car I could see everything. We left super early in the morning, just before the sun rose over the mountain with beautiful hues of pink and orange. The drive was quite uneventful as we sped down the motorway towards the French / Swiss border and on into France. We crossed the whole of Switzerland in under two hours. I didn’t realise the country was so small, but everything seems big to a small doggy like me. I was surprised to see there were no border checks at France and we breezed through, taking the road north up to Calais where we boarded the Eurostar to England. (The closer to England we got, I noticed the worse the weather was. Mmmmm, strange that.)


Now, this was the high light of my road trip. Have you ever been on Eurostar? It was super cool. We just rolled in like royalty. It was a tight squeeze to get the car in though, I had to breathe in tight to make sure we could fit. But once we were parked up, we just, chilled, and relaxed after the eight hours of uneventful driving. Daddy Zuma the Dog slept, while my Mummy, my brother and I played and joked around for the full 30 minutes it took to get to England. I mean, 30 minutes!…..That’s nothing, like no time at all to get there.


After we train pulled up at the station it wasn’t long before, plop! We were off the train, onto the motorway and whizzing down the road. We were in England!!!


Of course, I bounced around and made a fuss to get out for pee pees at some of the landmarks along the way to our final destination. I wanted to meet the Queen at Windsor and see what all the fuss is about with Stonehenge. I know I added a few hours onto our road trip, but hey, once in a lifetime adventures need to be taken advantage of. Right?



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